Whisper of the Heart|The places which is used in the movie.

Do you know the movie “Whisper of the Heart”?

It’s a popular Japanese movie, created by Studio Ghibli. Today, I introduce the places where are setting in the movie.

I love this movie
Me too!!!

The story of "Whisper of the Heart"

It's romantic anime movie. The main character is Shizuku Tsukishima. She is a third year student in middle school. She likes reading books, and borrow many books in a library.

One day, she realized that there’s a person who read all the books which she borrows by checking reading log. His name is Seiji Amasawa. Then, she becomes curious about him…

Where are real places of the story?

Actually, there's the model place of the movie in Japan. I have visited and walk around there so I explain places of the movie.

Let's check the places! I introduce these with some pictures which I took by myself.

The map where I visited today.

Seiseki sakuragaoka station(聖蹟桜ヶ丘駅)

It's the nearest station from the model places.

We can hear a song in the station when trains come and go. That song is “Country Road”,which is the main song of the movie.

In the movie,there are scenes that Shizuku translates the lyrics of “Take Me Home, Country Roads” into Japanese.

Kinpira jinja(金比羅神社)

It's the shrine where Shizuku is confessed by Suzumura who is her classmate.

It's small shrine but really nice.

Traffic circle and Yougashiya noa(洋菓子屋 ノア)

It's a traffic circle where is near antique shop(地球屋).

The antique shop don't exist in real life, however we can specify the location near the shop. In the movie, this traffic circle before she goes to the shop.

Also, Yougashiya Noa is a cake shop which appears in the movie.

There's some cafe near here

Around this rotary, there are some cafe, and I took a break. It's good atmosphere and I drank a cup of coffee there.


Kasumigaseki bridge(霞ヶ関橋)

This is the bridge which Shizuku crosses when she heas to a library. I feel that the time flows really slowly. I like this place.

At last

Thank you for reading this article. I'm happy if you read other articles! See you next time!


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