How to say "Spirited Away" in Japanese & introduction of the place used in the movie.

Hi, I'm Kuma. Today, I explain how to say "Spirited Away" in Japanese and the place used in the movie.

How to say "Spirited Away" in Japanese

The Japanese title of "Spirited Away" is "千と千尋の神隠し(Sentochihirono kamikakushi).

What's the meaning ot that
I explain that


千尋(Chihiro)・・・The name of main character. She is 10 years old.


千(Sen)・・・This is another name of "Chihiro". She was given this name by  Yubaba.

神隠し(Kamikakushi)・・・spirited away

The whole meaning

In Japanese title, 千と千尋(Sentochihiro)is added. 千尋(Chihiro) is real name and 千(Sen)is the name of the other world. (This is the world where many Gods who look like monsters live).

神隠し(Kamikakushi) means that people like children disappear in the mountain or forest which is considered as Shinto shrine precincts. In this movie, Chihiro  got lost in the world where gods live, so the title is 千と千尋の神隠し(Sentochihirono kamikakushi).

The location used in the movie

Do you know the place used in the movie?

I know! It's Jiufen in Taiwan!

Jiufen in Taiwan

I have visited there so I explain this place by pictures which I took. It's near Taipei area, it's easy to go there from Taipei.

The atmosphere of Jiufen

It's similar to the world of "Spirited Away". I thought it is completely different from Japan. I was impressed with the scenery of this area. There were so many shops along a narrow road. They sold souvenirs, teas ,Chinese dish and so on. There are some shops which feature "Spirited Away".

At last

Thank you for reading this article. I'm happy if you more get interested in Japanese culture and language. See you next time!!!

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