8 useful Japanese phrases when you travel in Japan!!!

Hi,I’m Kuma. Do you have a plan to come to Japan? If so, you should learn some Japanese phrases. This is because you can get along with local Japanese people more by using Japanese words. Today, I explain Japanese useful phrases when you travel in Japan. These are essential words in Japan, if you can memorize these, you can annoy your traveling or staying



It means “hello” in Japanese. It’s essential word so you should remember this phrase. If you can tell this phrase to Japanese people, they become happy! Also,Japanese think greeting is important for ever people so you can give nice impression to others.

How to say Hi and Hello in Japanese|Native explains good expressions


The second phrase is ありがとう,which means “Thank you” in Japanese. Probably, you have many opportunities to use this word. I explain “how to say thank you in Japanese another article. Actually, you should memorize “ありがとうございます(Arigatou gozaimasu),which is the polite meaning of “ありがとう”

How to say thank you in Japanese|Native speaker explains that


If you want to say “My name is”, you should use “わたしのなまえは”(Watashino namaewa). You just put your name after “わたしのなまえは” If you want to get other knowledge about self-introduction, please refer to the article below. In this article, I explain how to introduce yourself such as your age, your country where you are from and so on.

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The fourth phrase is “~に行きたいです”. This means that “I want to go~.” It’s useful phrase when you get lost, it’s useful phrases. Japanese will help you go there.

A example

おんせんにいきたいです。 ー Onsenni ikitaidesu

I want to fo to a hotspring

Other expression to ask the place

You can also use the phrase ~はどこですか(Doko desuka) ,which means that “Where is ~”.

A example

えきはどこですか? ー Ekiwa Doko Densuke?

Where is the station?


“いくらですか” means that “How much is ~?”, so you can use this phrase, when you want to ask price of things.

A example

これはいくらですか? ー Korewa ikuradesuka?

How March is this?


“Is there any recommendation?”in Japanese is “おすすめはありますか?“. You can use this phrase if you cannot decide order which you eat when you go to restaurant. To tell the truth, there are not many restaurant in Japan that have the menus with English word. Most of time, these are written in only Japanese. At that time, this phrase is so convenient.

A example

おすすめはありますか ー Osusumewa arimasuka?

Is there any recommendation?


〜がすきです means that “I like~”. It’s so simple phrase.

A example

おすしがすきです。 ー Osushuiga sukidesu.

I like sushi.

You can also use this phrase when you want to express your love to Japanese. If you want to know more detail information on love expressions, please check the article below.

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“When is~” is “〜はいつですか?” in Japanese.

A example

あなたのたんじょうびはいつですか? ー Anatano tanjoubiwa Itsudesuka?

When is your birthday?

At last

Thank you for reading this article! These expressions which you learn today is useful and helpful. When you come to Japan, I want you to use these words. See you next time!!







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