How to say I love you in Japanese|useful expressions related to love.




Hi,I'm Kuma!Today,I want to explain how to say I love you in Japanese

I want to know how to say I love you in Japanese, because I want to date with Japanese guy!
Haha,OK! I teach you how to say that!

There are several expressions. I explain these in order. If you're wondering about asking about Japanese girl or boy, this article is helpful for you.

The expressions

  • すき
  • だいすき
  • あいしてる
  • きになる


Suki means like in Japanese. Japanese people tend to use Suki when they want to express their love. It tends to be used between a boyfriend and a girlfriend. This expression is also used when Japanese do "Kokuhaku". Do you know that?

こくはく Kokuhaku

Kokuhaku is the act to confess the love to someone. If Kokuhaku succeed, they become a couple. Probably, there's the difference between Japan and other country. Japanese usually do Kokuhaku when they want someone to be a girlfriend/boyfriend.


It's the same meaning of "I love you". あいしてる(Aisiteru) is deep love compared with Suki. It's the perfect word to tell your feeling of love.



meaning: I love you!!!

What is よ(yo)

Do you know a role of よ(yo)?

よ emphasizes the meaning of sentence naturally. よ in added at the end of the sentence.

Ex) いくよ(Ikuyo) :Let's go

アイラブユー(I love you)

The third expression is "アイラブユー",which is the same pronunciation and meaning of "I love you" in English

Actually, Japanese can understand the meaning of I love you. If you feel nervous and forget howto say I love you in Japanese like Suki, it's ok to say I love you,haha. I love you is romantic expressin for Japanese, so there are many J-pop songs which use I love you in their lyrics.


The forth phrase is きになる(Kininaru). It's more light expression compared with すき. It's almost the same meaning of "I am curious about you" in English. Japanese students use this phrase when they talk about relationships on love.


わたしは、あなたのことがきになる。(Watashiwa anatanokotoga kininaru.)

Meaning : I am curious about you

It's also used when you talk with your friends about love relationship.

さいきん、あの子のことがきになるんだよね。(lately, I'm interested in her.)
ほんとうに? あのこのことをすきなひとがほかにもいるよ(Really? There's aother boy who likes her too.)
What? Who?(え、だれ?)

When you want to say “I don’t like”

At last, I explain “how to say “I don’t like” in Japanese.

At last

Today, I explain the expressions to say I love you and like you in Japanese.

Thank you for reading this article! I will cheer on your love,haha. See you! またね!


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