7 Japanese love songs which you can learn pronunciation

Hi,I'm Kuma.

I want to know good Japanese songs which I can learn Japanese pronunciation
I explain the songs which you can learn pronunciation

Today, I explain the songs which is good to learn Japanese pronunciation.

These songs are slowly and the song itself is also really nice!

I explain these in order.

7 songs which you can learn Japanese pronunciation

Betshunohitono Kanojoninattayo(別の人の彼女になったよ)

That title(別の人の彼女になったよ)means that "I became other's girl friend"





This song is sad love song. This is because this girl still have feeling for ex-boyfriend. The boyfriend who date now seems perfect compared with her ex, however, she is more natural with ex and she realizes that she still loves him.


恋(Koi) : crush" and "love

This song is sung by backnumber, who make many love songs. This song is love song in high school. A boy  got crush on a girl, and he always thinks about her. However, it’s difficult for him to tell his thought.


This song is by Radwimps. This artist is known for singing songs of "Your name". This song expresses deep love to the girlfriend. The phrases in this song make listener emotional because these include true love to his girlfriend.

Marry Gold(マリーゴールド)

マリーゴールド(Marry Gold) = It’s a name of flower

This song is about the boy and the girl who love each other. They look back on the memories in the past, and they hope they are together now and forever. The man still have feeling for her and he tells that if their heart are

Hanashiga shitaiyo(話がしたいよ)

話がしたいよ = "I want to talk with you".

Next song is "Hanashiga shitaiyo(話がしたいよ)". When he wait for the bus, he think about someone with seeing and feeling scenery and things around himself such as wind and sky. In this songs, there are some expressions related to metaphor, and I am really impressed.


粉雪(Konayuki) = powder snow.

Do you know the word “yuki”? It means “snow” in Japanese. This is the song that relationship of two people who broke up.

Asueno Tobira(明日への扉)

This is the song which is used in the TV program, the title of which is “Ainori(あいのり)“

※Ainori means carpool in Japanese. Boys and girls travel around the world together to find true love.

 The meaning of the title

明日(あす,asu)・・meaning : tomorrow

への (eno)・・・toward

扉(とびら,tobira)・・・meaning : door

明日への扉・・・The door toward tomorrow

It’s one of the most amazing love songs, and I really like this song. it’s true that this song released long time ago, however This song still attractive for many Japanese people.


That’s it, Thank you for reading this article. I’m so happy if you listen to these songs. See you!












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