How to say Hi and Hello in Japanese|Native explains good expressions


Hi, I'm Kuma. Today, I explain "how to say Hi and Hello in Japanese. InuI really want to know! Let's start learningNeko Then, I tell you the expressions. How to ...


Japanese 5 popular anime songs which Japanese people love|with explanation of anime


Hi, I'm Kuma. InuI want to know Japanese anime songs which is famous NekoI tell you those songs! Today, I explain Japanese popular songs which Japanese people love. 5 songs ...


How to say "Goodbye" in Japanese|native Japanese explains that!


Hi, I'm Kuma. Today, I explain how to say "Goodbye" in Japanese. It's important expression which you should know before traveling in Japan or coming to Japan. I'm native Japanese ...


How to say “How are you?” in Japanese?|Native speaker explains good expressions


Hello,I’m Kuma. Today,I explain how to say “How are you?” in Japanese. Inu I don’t know how to say “How are you in Japanese words, so I want to know ...


How to introduce yourself in Japanese? | Native speaker tells you good example!


Hi I'm Kuma from Japan. If you visit Japan,can you introduce yourself? Probably, it's difficult to explain yourself in Japanese. InuI want to introduce myself in Japanese, but I don't ...

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